We believe there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than our smiles. A smile costs nothing but gives much. It takes a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. One smile spreads and inspires more smiles, and those smiles are contagious. They brighten the day of those on the receiving end and we’re likely to pay it forward which sends a ripple effect of happiness into the world. This is why we are called, “The Ripple of Smiles”.

This culinary experience awakens all the senses: delicious foods made from the fresh ingredients, outstanding service, a beautiful and relaxing venue, and endless smiles. We are nurturing a community from within our walls and beyond.


RokZ Tanaka
Wonderful place with both indoor and outdoor seating. We choose to sit outside in the covered lanai where there were tables more than 6 feet apart. Though we were outdoors, we could hardly hear the busy traffic on the otherside the fence.
Mae Fukushima
They have regular, vegetarian, and vegan food here. The place is very clean and nicely decorated, the owners are so friendly, and best of all, the food is delicious! They also have indoor/outdoor seating. Definitely a favorite place to eat!
Cy Sc
Wonderful experience at The Ripple of Smiles. Very good sized portions, my favorite was the salmon curry. Oxtail special wasn't bad at all, though it's not my favorite. Parking can be tricky, but the staff will reimburse your parking ticket if the nearby lot is full!
Really good food! The lemongrass chicken with Vermicelli was the best I ever tasted! The spring rolls were very fresh and delicious. Pho was delicious too. I was too full to try the coffee, so I'll be back to try that next time!
Very relaxing and great food. The vegan pho and spring rolls are favorites.
Kahea R.
Nothing like their ginger (lots of fresh ginger) lemonade and tofu lemongrass vermicelli on a hot summer evening. Their vegan pho is excellent, so is their...
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